Nitro+CHiRAL C95 Set

Release Date: 2018/12/29

Quick Overview

Nitro+CHiRAL 2019 3-piece set

3-piece set includes Nitro+CHiRAL 2019 Calendar, Nitro+CHiRAL 2019 Schedule Book, and Naito-Kun Block Memo.  Spend your 2019 together with Nitro+CHiRAL.

Nitro+CHiRAL 2019 Calendar
4 all-new original images are featured in our 2019 calendar.  Includes works by Nitroplus PC game artists Hamashima Shigeo, Niθ, Osaki Shinya (UNKNOWN GAMES), and Tsujisanta!

Size: B4
Pages: 5 pages ring bound (including cover page), includes ring for wall hanging

Nitro+CHiRAL 2019 Schedule Book
Functionality and design - a schedule book to fit all your personal needs.  Our 2019 edition is covered in "Minyo Chara," super cute mini characters designed by Nitroplus graphic designer minoa.

Size: H166mm×W93mm×D6mm
Cover Material: PVC
Pages: 96 pages

Naito-kun  Block Memo
It uses  “Uiro Yamada”’s specially drawn slightly sexy illustration of Naitou-kun playing with a corgi. It is a double-pocket type clear file with a pocket on the inside, so there is no fear of dropping your important documents.

Size: H100mm×W100mm
Pages: 100, bound
・Supplies are limited.  Product may sell out.

Limited to a purchase of 5 units per person.

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Price: ¥3,300

Nitro+CHiRAL C95 Set

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Nitro+CHiRAL 2019 Calendar: Contributing Artists

Hamashima Shigeo: Worked on "euphoria" (CLOCKUP), "Shinsou Noise~Jushin Tantei no Jikenbo~" (DiGination) and many other titles.  Provided original artwork for the new Nitroplus title "Minikui Mojika no Ko."

Niθ: Provided original artwork for the "DEMONBANE" series,  "ZINGAI MAKYOU," and "TRE DONNE CRUDELI."  Also designed the character "Setsumusho" from the sword fighting fantasy puppet drama "Thunderbolt Fantasy: Sword Seekers."

Osaki Shinya (UNKNOWN GAMES): Provided original artwork for "CARNEVALE DELLA LUCE DELLA LUNA," "HANACHIRASU," and "TOKYO NECRO."

Tsujisanta: Provided original artwork for "SUMAGA," "AXANAEL," and "TOTONO." He's also the character designer for "Super Sonico," mascot girl for our Nitro Super Sonic concert event.

Additional Information

Product name Nitro+CHiRAL C95 Set
Release Date Dec 29, 2018
Manufacturer NITRO CHiRAL
Suggested Retail Price ¥3,300
Series Other
Category GOODS
Note First sold at Comic Market 95.