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NITRO Online Store

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Good Smile Logistics&Solutions, Inc.

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Takao Uemura


Akiba CO Building Sotokanda 3-16-12 Chiyoda, Tokyo 101-0021

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Charges and Fees Assessed by the NITRO Online Store

Shipping costs

Order Expiration

Any order that has not been paid within 30 days of product release is subject to cancellation. Please see the item description page of the product in question regarding the date of product release.

Regarding Defective Items

All claims regarding product damage and defect must be submitted within 7 days of product arrival. In the event that the item is defective or damaged, a replacement will be shipped at no additional charge.

Purchase Limitations

Individual purchase limitations will vary by item. Please see the description page of the item in question for more information.

Order Shipment

For products that are currently in stock, shipment will be prepared on the following business day after payment has been received.

For pre-order merchandise, products will be shipped on or near the release date should payment be confirmed. In the event of a payment error, order shipment will be delayed. As the release date for pre-order merchandise will vary by item, please see the description page of the item in question for more information.

Payment Methods

Both PayPal Express Checkout and most major credit cards are accepted.

Payment Timing

Shortly before merchandise is shipped, for all payment methods.

Return Policy

All sales are final. Requests for returns and exchanges are not accepted for any reason other than product damage or defect.


Printed materials, character merchandise, clothing, accessories, etc.

Terms of Service

The NITRO Online Store provides service to customers based on the terms and conditions outlined below.


Using and/or making a purchase at the NITRO Online Store constitutes implicit agreement to comply with these terms and conditions.

Agreement Parameters

All of the following terms and conditions apply to using the services provided by e-commerce site “NITRO Online Store” (henceforth referred to as “Site”), operated by Good Smile Logistics&Solutions (henceforth referred to as “GSLS”).


The term “User” is defined as any person or entity that makes use of the Site’s services, such as viewing content or making a purchase. By making use of the Site’s services, the User agrees to all terms of service outlined here within. The user agrees to abide by all conditions set forth in these terms of service as well as any supplementary provisions enacted by GSLS.

Amendments to Terms and Conditions

All users agree that GSLS may modify the terms of service without prior notice or User consent. Users acknowledge that all modifications will effective immediately upon implementation.

User Responsibilities

The User accepts all responsibility for the information submitted by the User in accordance with this use of this Site, and agrees not to take any action that might damage or disrupt GSLS.

In the event that the actions of a User related to the services provided result in loss or damages to another User or third party, the User agrees to accept all responsibility both legal and financial, and agrees not to take any action that might damage or disrupt GSLS.

Use by Minors

No minors may utilize this Site or its services without the consent of their legal guardian. In the event that a minor makes use of this Site or its services, it is recognized that their legal guardian has read and agrees to abide by these terms of service.

User Account

Users must create a user account upon making their first purchase in accordance with the services provided by this Site.

User registration is completed only once per User, and Users must provide truthful and correct personal data required for user registration as requested by GSLS in the user registration form. Personal data must not be falsified or misrepresented.

Should it be determined that a registered User has had their account suspended or terminated in the past, due to committing an infraction of the terms of service of this Site, GSLS, or any associated company, or should it be discovered that a User has provided false or misleading information when registering for their account, or in the event GSLS determines that a user has inappropriately created multiple accounts, user registration will be rejected or deleted.

Service-Related Promotional Information

When registering for a user account and checking the box next to the newsletter option, the User has indicated that they wish to receive periodic emails containing promotional material related to this Site and its services. Occasionally, this material or the Site itself may include banners, email, or similar promotional information from entities other than the Site. In this instance we ask that you please direct any questions you may have regarding this material to the relevant entity. You waive the Site of all responsibility regarding damages or losses due to the clicking of any promotional links contained within this material.

Amending User Account Information

If the User wishes to amend any information provided to GSLS, including address, name, phone number, etc., the User must update the information as soon as possible following the procedures outlined by GSLS. Failure to do so may result in misshipment and other unfortunate circumstances for which GSLS cannot be held accountable.

Managing Account ID and Password

When creating a user account, the User will be required to use a User ID issued by GSLS (henceforth referred to as “ID”) as well as a personally set password (henceforth referred to as “Password”) in order to access Site services. The User takes full responsibility for the use and management or both their ID and Password, and will not transfer, lend, or otherwise disclose them to a third party.

Any financial loss, damage, or identity theft due to the use of a User ID or Password by a third person is the full responsibility of the User holding the ID, and GSLS cannot be held accountable. In the event you suspect a third party has fraudulently used your User ID or password, you will contact GSLS immediately.

Account Suspension and Termination

In the event that GSLS determines that a User has committed any one or more of the following infractions, GSLS reserves the right to suspend and/or terminate that User’s account without any prior warning or consent.

  1. In the event that GSLS determines that the User has previously held an account that was deleted due to infractions of the Terms of Service.
  2. In the event that it is determined that the User has previously held an account that was deleted due to infraction of Terms of Service at another entity operated by GSLS.
  3. In the event that the User has defaulted on any payment related to the service or has withheld payment.
  4. In the event that the User has committed any other infractions of the Terms of Service.

Privacy Policy

Please see the “Privacy Policy” provided by GSLS for more information regarding our User privacy policy.

Prohibited Activity

In accordance with utilizing the services provided by this Site, the User agrees not to engage in any of the following activities.

  1. Any profitable or non-profitable activity utilizing the Service, information, or any product information provided by GSLS without receiving prior permission from GSLS.
  2. Any activity that obstructs, hinders, or otherwise disrupts this Site or its services.
  3. Attempting to fraudulently use a credit card in correlation with this service.
  4. Attempting to fraudulently use an ID or Password.
  5. Any action that violates the trademarks, copyright, privacy, or any other rights of other Users, third parties, or GSLS.
  6. Any activity that may cause disturbance, disruption, financial loss, or other damages.
  7. Any activity that violates public order or morality, violates the law, or has the potential to do so.
  8. Providing any falsified information to GSLS or otherwise in connection with this Site and its services provided.
  9. The importation or dissemination of any harmful computer program.
  10. Any other activity deemed to be inappropriate by GSLS in accordance with this service.


All copyrights, trademarks, and other intellectual property rights for the images, design, and text elements appearing on this Site are the sole property of GSLS and/or their respective holders, and Users agree not to commit any action that violates these rights.

Transfer of Rights

Any rights held by Users in accordance with this service are not transferrable.


The payment due for any product purchases made through this service, as well as the process of this payment will be made in accordance with the guidelines set forth on the order submission form as well as in the user guide. In the event that a User makes payment using a payment processing agent or financial institution, the User agrees to abide by all guidelines set forth by that payment processing agent or institution. Should a dispute arise between the User and said agent or institution, it must be resolved by the individual and entity involved, and GSLS bears no responsibility.

Product Return and Exchange

All sales are final and products will not be eligible for exchange or replacement unless damaged or defective. Any suspicions of product damage or defect must be reported to GSLS within 7 days of the User receiving the product. GSLS will only offer product exchange or replacement in the event that GSLS can confirm that the item was defective upon shipment, not the product purchased by the customer, or in any other case that GSLS deems as compliant with the return and exchange policy. In the event that a product has special disclaimer, this disclaimer will also be heeded.

GSLS will not accept any claim regarding damage or defect in the following instances.

  1. In the event that the product has been used or worn, even once.
  2. If the product has been soiled or damaged by the User.
  3. If the product arrived to the User 8 or more days prior to inquiry.

Service Suspension

In accordance with GSLS service management, alteration, addition, suspension, or termination of service may occur in the instances outlined below without prior User notice or consent, and GSLS bears no responsibility should the User experience any loss in this situation.

  1. In the event of scheduled or emergency system maintenance.
  2. In the event that systems are inoperable due to fire, blackout, or obstruction by a third party.
  3. In the event that services are unavailable due to a natural disaster.
  4. In any other event deemed necessary by GSLS.



GSLS is waived of all liability when performing business operations in accordance with the information provided by Users. GSLS has an obligation to keep Users notified, and should GSLS contact the User via the email address the User has provided, and sends product to the address specified by the User, this obligation has been fulfilled.

With the exemption of any instance specifically outlined in the Terms of Service or user guide, GSLS bears no responsibility for any damage that is the result of circumstances beyond their control, and regardless of previous knowledge by GSLS or otherwise, GSLS cannot be held accountable to Users for any damage, hindrance, financial loss, or a third party fine resulting from exceptional circumstances.


In the event of a dispute between the User and GSLS, both parties will in good faith try to reach a resolution, but in the event that the dispute cannot be resolved and must be escalated to legal action, all court proceedings will fall under the jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court.

In the event that a User has outstanding payments or has otherwise breeched the Terms of Service resulting in damages, and GSLS must resort to legal action in order to collect these damages, all legal fees and other costs incurred in the proceedings will be the responsibility of this User.

Legal Compliance

All interpretation and application of these Terms of Service is in compliance with Japanese law.

Merchant Disclosure

All Site operations are performed by the following merchant and in compliance with Japanese Commerce Law.


Good Smile Logistics&Solutions, Inc.

Akiba CO Building

Sotokanda 3-16-12

Chiyoda, Tokyo 101-0021 Japan

(Hours of Operation: 10:00 – 18:00; excluding weekends, national holidays, annual holidays, and other scheduled closures)

E-mail: nitroplus_store_global@gsls.jp

Supervisor: Takao Uemura


Privacy Policy

■ Introduction

We recognize the necessity of protecting your personal information, and believe it is our responsibility to properly manage and safeguard this information.

■ Personal Information

Personal information is defined as any information pertaining to an individual, including their name, birthday, telephone number, email address, shipping address, place of employment, and all other information by which a person can be identified.

■ How Personal Information is Collected and Used

 We will only use and collect your personal information for the objectives listed below, and only for those specific purposes.

 Personal information is provided to our company at your sole will and discretion, and by doing so you acknowledge that our company will use this information for the following purposes.

    ・As necessary to deliver merchandise purchased from our company
    ・When you subscribe to our newsletter, to provide information deemed valuable or necessary, such as new product information
    ・To contact customers, and confirm or request information as necessary in accordance with business operation
    ・To handle customer inquiries

We take the personal information provided to us by customers very seriously, as we use this personal information to provide our services.  Utilizing personal information to provide customers with the products and services that they order is the basis for our contractual obligation with customers, and within our legitimate interests.  

In the event that we are unable to obtain the personal information necessary to provide our services, you will be unable to use our services.  However, there are no damages to a customer's rights or interests due to their inability to provide this data.

■ Sharing Personal Information with Third Parties

In accordance with the instruction of the recipient or our company (subcontractor),  personal information necessary for business operations will be sent to affiliates capable of handling such information.

With the exception of fulfilling a legal obligation or other justifiable reason, we will not share any personal information with a third party without prior customer consent.

■ Managing Personal Information

All personal information provided to our company by customers will be stored exclusively at the secure hosting platform Amazon Web Services.  To ensure data is completely controlled within a highly safe, secure, and regulatory compliant environment, all data hosting is conducted under the most rigid security regulations.

 In order to prevent the leak, loss, or destruction of personal information, we have a person responsible for the management and protection of personal information, and will endeavor to safely protect, as well as maintain correct and current personal information.

 Goodsmile Logistics & Solutions
 Akiba CO Building 7F
 3-16-12 Sotokanda
    Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo  101-0021   Japan
 TEL:  0120-240-004
 (Reception Hours: weekdays 10am - 6pm, excluding holidays)
 Responsible Party: Takao Uemura

■ Security and Encryption

Should you provide personal information to our company, all data input and transferred will be protected by SSL encryption to ensure that the data is handled in a secure manner, meaning that all transmissions between your web browser and our server are encrypted and sent securely.

However, as your email address and other information is transmitted via the internet, we cannot guarantee with absolute certainty that it will be safe.  We will strive to protect your personal information, but do not guarantee the security of the information sent.  After receiving your information, we will do our best to ensure the security of our system.  

In the event that you are given a password to access a specific system on our website, it is your responsibility to keep this password confidential.    Please do not share your password with anyone.

■ Storage Period for Personal Information

Customer information will be retained for 5 years, after which it will be reviewed.  Customers may opt out, update, or delete this data at any time as necessary.

■ Information Retrieval, Correction, and Deletion

In the event that you wish to request the retrieval, correction, or deletion of information provided to our company, we will handle your inquiry as expediently as possible, provided that you are able to verify that you are the holder of said information.

You can also withdraw your consent, and freeze or delete your account at any time.   Please contact customer service for further assistance.
Customer Service: 

■ Customer Profiling

Your site use and browsing history will be analyzed to determine likes and interests, and share product information that we think is most relevant to you.

In addition, we may use your personal information or site activity to detect and reduce fraud or credit risk.

 Cookies are a text file stored on your computer that collect visitor behavior and activity information, used to generate statistical reports on website activity.  They keep track of website visitor usage, and to generate statistical reports on website activity.  You can set your browser to not to accept cookies, but in doing so, please be aware that some site functionality may be lost.

 -Google Analytics-
 Through the use of Google Analytics, we store information about visitors' website usage, to make improvements and provide a better experience for visitors.
 Google Analytics is a third party information storage system that records information about the pages you visit, the time you spend on a particular page or website, how you accessed the site, and the information you clicked when you were there.  The cookies used by Google Analytics do not store personal information, such as your name and address, and they do not share personally identifiable information.  
 You can learn more by reading their privacy policy:  
 Google -https://policies.google.com/privacy?hl=en

■ Redressing Grievances

If you believe that your personal information is not being handled in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), it is within your rights to report this grievance to the proper regulatory authority.  The regulatory authority will keep you informed on the case progress and final ruling regarding your complaint.  

■ Disclaimer
This website is managed and provided by Goodsmile Logistics & Solutions. Before using this site or its services, please read and make sure you understand the following precautions. Please note that our terms of service are subject to change without warning.
(Regarding Minors Using NITRO Online Store Services)
Minors may only use our online shop with the consent a parent or guardian. Any purchases made by a minor will be assumed to be under adult supervision. The NITRO Online Store makes no guarantee that the content provided within our services is appropriate for minors.