Nitroplus Package Art Acrylic Key Holder Collection

Release Date: 2018/12/29

Quick Overview

Acrylic Key Holders featuring Nitroplus works of ages past.

Acrylic key holders featuring package art from Nitroplus games throughout the ages! Everything from our most recent release "MINIKUI MOJIKA NO KO" to the old-school classics are included in this choice selection of 10 different standard (Vampirdzhija Vjedogonia, KIKOKUGAI, DEMONBANE, Saya no Uta, ZINGAIMAKYO, Full Metal Daemon: Muramasa, SoniComi, TOTONO, TOKYO NECRO, MINIKUI MOJIKA NO KO) and one secret varieties, all in blind packaging!!

Size: H 50mm × W 37mm
Packaged in blind packaging (silver plastic)
1 unit selected at random from a total of 10 standard and 1 secret varieties.
・Please note that this is a trading-style product. You will be unable to select your desired design. Due to product specifications, you may receive multiple units of the same design.
・Images are for illustrative purposes only. Actual product may slightly vary.
・Supplies are limited. Product may sell out.

Limited to a purchase of 10 units per person.

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Price: ¥550

Additional Information

Product name Nitroplus Package Art Acrylic Key Holder Collection
Release Date Dec 29, 2018
Manufacturer NITRO ORIGIN
Suggested Retail Price ¥550
Series Other
Category GOODS
Note First available at Comic Market 95.