CHAOS;HEAD: Strap - Moeru Gerokaerun

Release Date: 2009/08/14

Quick Overview

So hot he's one fire!? This Gerokaerun is ready to take action!

Third frog in the series.

Yet another popular item in the "CHAOS;HEAD" story that we've added to the "Gerokaerun" series!
There's something especially "hot" about this one; this Gerokaerun is bursting with energy.

Hey, you over there! Are you feeling down?! Pick up one of these and you can feel the fire together!!

Limited to a purchase of 3 items per person.

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Price: ¥1,320

CHAOS;HEAD: Strap - Moeru Gerokaerun

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Additional Information

Product name CHAOS;HEAD: Strap - Moeru Gerokaerun
Release Date Aug 14, 2009
Manufacturer NITRO PLUS
Suggested Retail Price ¥1,885
Category GOODS
Note First released at Comic Market Summer 2009.