Touken Ranbu Kenran Zuroku IV

Release Date: 2023/08/04

Quick Overview

Part 4 of the Official Visual Setting Book of Touken Ranbu ONLINE!

A visual book based on the Sword Rearing Simulation Game by NITRO PLUS,  Touken Ranbu ONLINE, playable on both PC browser and smartphone.

This visual setting book offers comprehensive illustrations of Touken Danshis found in the world of Touken Ranbu ONLINE.
The 4th installment of the official visual guide to "Touken Ranbu ONLINE" slated for release in Summer 2023!

Featuring 20 new Touken Danshis from the introduction of "Chatannakiri" in July 2019 till the apperance of "Shichiseiken" in April 2022.
Also, a total of 25 new Kiwame Touken Danshis have been added.
From the release of "Otegine Kiwame" back in June 2019 to "Nansen Ichimonji Kiwame" in October 2021.

Contains in-game illustrations ranging from combat to internal affairs, as well as a collection of the Shinken Hissatsu illustrations rarely seen even in-game.
In addition, this visual book will contain illustrations never been seen before, such as setting drawings by various participating illustrators!

These must have Official Merch and Items will make Touken Ranbu ONLINE enjoyable for all our Saniwa out there!

Size: A4
Pages: 196
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Price: ¥3,300

Touken Ranbu Kenran Zuroku IV

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List of Touken Danshi Profiles Included:
・Suishinshi masahide
・Minamoto kiyomaro
・Onimaru Kunitsuna
・Jizou Yukihira
・Nikkou Ichimonji
・Taikou Samonji
・Oochidori juumonji yari
・Ichimonji Norimune
・Himetsuru Ichimonji
・Fukushima Mitsutada
・Tomoegata Naginata_Kiwame
・Shizukagata Naginata_Kiwame
・Shokudaikiri Mitsutada_Kiwame
・Yamabushi Kunihiro_Kiwame
・Ichigo Hitofuri_Kiwame
・Tsurumaru Kuninaga_Kiwame
・Kousetsu Samonji_Kiwame
・Mouri Toushirou _Kiwame
・Akashi Kuniyuki_Kiwame
・Hyuuga Masamune_Kiwame
・Kenshin Kagemitsu_Kiwame
・Azuki Ngamitsu_Kiwame
・Koryuu Kagemitsu_Kiwame
・Daihannya Nagamitsu_Kiwame
・Nansen Ichimonji_Kiwame

Additional Information

Product name Touken Ranbu Kenran Zuroku IV
Release Date Aug 4, 2023
Manufacturer NITRO PLUS
Suggested Retail Price ¥3,300
Series Touken Ranbu ONLINE
Category BOOK
Subcategory ART BOOKS