Touken Ranbu Stage Play: Apocrypha & Canon Set

Release Date: 2017/12/29

Quick Overview

2-volume "Tou-Sute" stage play book set

The PC browser and smart phone game "Touken Ranbu-ONLINE-" created by Nitroplus went on to inspire a stage-play Touken Ranbu production - also known as "Tou-Sute."

Play books for the first Tou-Sute work "Apocrypha: Tennouji Temple Ablaze" and second work "Canon: Dawn of the One-Eyed Dragon" are scheduled to go on sale in January 2018!

In addition to the stage production original stories, they include an afterword from script writer and director Kenichi Suemitsu.  Experience a whole new foundation of the Touken Ranbu world woven in words!

And this 2-volume "Touken Ranbu Stage Play: Apocrypha & Canon Set" is available at the NITRO Online Store!
As a special bonus, it comes with 1 of 20 different "Stage Umbrella Pin-Badges."

Touken Ranbu Stage Play "Apocrypha: Tennouji Temple Ablaze": B6-size, 182 pages
Touken Ranbu Stage Play "Canon: Dawn of the One-Eyed Dragon": B6-size, 224 pages
Stage Umbrella Pin-Badge: 56mm diameter, 1 of 20 varieties total (Apocrypha: 12, Canon: 8) included at random
・All text in these books in written in Japanese.
・1 of 20 "Stage Umbrella Pin-Badge" varieties is included at random.  You may not select your preferred design.  Due to product specifications, you may receive the same variety even if you purchase multiple items.
・At Comic Market 93, the "Stage Umbrella Pin-Badge" will be included at 2 units per set.
・The "Stage Umbrella Pin-Badges" are exactly the same as those handed out at Comic Market 93.
・Images are for illustrative purposes only.  Actual product  may slightly vary.

Limited to a purchase of 3 units per person.

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Price: ¥2,200

Touken Ranbu Stage Play: Apocrypha & Canon Set

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Additional Information

Product name Touken Ranbu Stage Play: Apocrypha & Canon Set
Release Date Dec 29, 2017
Manufacturer NITRO PLUS
Suggested Retail Price ¥2,200
Series Touken Ranbu ONLINE
Category BOOK
Subcategory OTHER BOOK
Note First available at Comic Market 93.