Release Date: 2023/03/31

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TOUKENRANBU THE MOVIE -REIMEI- Fully Recorded Screenplay!

Both "Official Scenario Book" and "Official Photo Book" will be released simultaneously on Friday, March 31, 2023 from the live-action movie "TOUKENRANBU THE MOVIE -REIMEI-"!

Live-action movie, "TOUKENRANBU THE MOVIE -REIMEI-" is based on the sword nurturing/enhancing simulation game, "TOUKEN RANBU ONLINE", created by NITRO PLUS.

This is a full-length recording of the script with no cuts for the second film, "TOUKENRANBU THE MOVIE -REIMEI-" which is scheduled to be released in Japan from Friday, March 31, 2023.

The Scenario Book also includes interviews with director Saiji Yakumo and highlights from screenwriters Hideyuki Kobashi and Jin Haganeya.

A hand-drawn storyboard of the VFX scene will also be made public in Dir. Yakumo's interview. It tells of the hardships, ingenuity, and production secret stories that are unique to this work, where "TOUKEN RANBU" and modern Japan met by chance.

In addition, Spoiler Included interviews with the 10 Touken Danshi cast -- Hiroki Suzuki (Mikazuki Munechika), Yoshihiko Aramaki (Yamanbagiri Kunihiro), Masanari Wada (Heshikiri Hasebe), Mizuki Umetsu (Yamanbagiri Chougi), Takamichi Sato (Higekiri), Ryosuke Yamamoto (Hizamaru), Fuma Sadamoto (Honebami Toushirou), Eito Konishi (Horikawa Kunihiro), Reo Honda (Ichigo Hitofuri), and Yuki Tamaki (Kogarasumaru) -- are also included!

Pages: 128
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Product name TOUKENRANBU THE MOVIE -REIMEI- Official Scenario Book
Release Date Mar 31, 2023
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