OMEKASHI - Character Image Booklet

Release Date: 2008/01/18

Quick Overview

A4-size, full-color photo-style image booklet.

A total of 14 different artists, including original artists from the Nitroplus team, Nitroplus graphic artists, and others provided original interpretations of Nitroplus CHiRAL characters, collected in this full-color photo-book style booklet.

As the title "OMEKASHI" (dressing up) would suggest, all illustrations feature clothing that doesn't appear in the games!
We hope you're looking forward to seeing how the Nitroplus staff has dressed these characters up.
The cover is an original illustration by Tatanakana.

(Contributing Artists)

Tatanakana, Shinya Osaki, Kimi Yanoguchi, Kinrikimantou, Namaniku ATK, Yupon ...and more!
(Listed in no order.)

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Additional Information

Product name OMEKASHI - Character Image Booklet
Release Date Jan 18, 2008
Manufacturer NITRO CHiRAL
Suggested Retail Price ¥1,047
Series Other
Category BOOK
Subcategory ART BOOKS
Note 24 pages, A4 size
First released at Comic Market 73 in 2007.