LOVE & II + / First Astronomical Velocity - 2nd album

Release Date: 2012/06/27

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The 2nd album from "First Astronomical Velocity," featuring Super Sonico on vocals and guitar

Following up their first album "GALAXY ONE" is their second album "LOVE & II+," from the 3-girl unit featuring Nitroplus's musical mascot girl "SUPER SONICO" on vocals and guitar - "First Astronomical Velocity!"

Features all new songs as well as a few of those "Hey, why wasn't that song included on the first album!?" tracks on Disc 1, and the original soundtrack to the Windows game starring Super Sonico, "SoniComi" on Disc 2!!

First-release limited edition bonus items "Live CD," "Limited Edition Strap," and "Alternative Jacket" not included.

Limited to a purchase of 5 units per person.

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Price: ¥3,300

【Track List】

DISC 1/First Astronomical Velocity - 2nd album

  1. Susume, Blue Star [New mix]
  2. Sky Love Hurricane
  3. Jyonetsu Rocket LOVE & II + Ver.]
  4. Happy Lucky Star! [LOVE & II + Ver.]
  5. Love & Peace +
  6. Kichijoji Supersonic
  7. Hatsukoi Flashlight [New mix]
  8. Very Merry [LOVE & II + Ver.]
  9. Rekka Starship
  10. Powerful Power [New mix]
  12. Smells Like Teen Spirit

DISC 2/SoniComi original soundtrack

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Product name LOVE & II + / First Astronomical Velocity - 2nd album
Release Date Jun 27, 2012
Manufacturer GEORIDE
Suggested Retail Price ¥3,300
Category CD&DVD
Subcategory CD ALBUM

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