INSIDE - TOGAINU NO CHI original soundtrack

Release Date: 2005/03/25

Quick Overview

Melodies of passion and insanity found on the brink of the human condition.

Competing in the deadly battle game "Igura," protagonist "Akira" and his companions of circumstance, while battling through clashes of ego and immaturity, overcome hardship to find something that resembles affection.

Inside the hard-boiled world of Nitroplus CHiRAL's otome-game "TOGAINU NO CHI" lies a story of men struggling to find their sense of self and purpose.   This selection of music embodies the themes of extreme, raw human emotion and metamorphosis that drives the characters' bildungsroman.  

The opening theme song, setting the stage for the story's emotional wildfire, was produced by "ZIZZI STUDIO."  Features the strength and intensity of tracks like "HIDEKI," as well as songs echoing with the lusciously feminine vocals of "Ito Kanako."  And of course, all of the BGM brims with the tension imbued in every scene.

Original soundtrack features 24 tracks from the original production, as well as jacket art with original illustration by lead artist "Tatanakana."  Melodies that capture the passion and insanity found on the brink of the human condition.

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【Track List】

  1. GRIND (vocal: HIDEKI)
  2. Beginning
  3. Unrest
  4. A vision
  5. Anxiety
  6. Haunt
  7. Escape
  8. Tactics
  9. Confusion
  10. A peaceful time
  11. Constant
  12. Battle field
  13. Insanity
  14. Organization
  15. Punishment
  16. Invincible
  17. Mania
  18. Shifty
  19. Dialogue
  20. Grief
  21. In the quiet sleep
  22. CurriculuMachine
  23. Good bye Aliens (vocal: HIDEKI)
  24. STILL (vocal: Ito Kanako)

Additional Information

Product name INSIDE - TOGAINU NO CHI original soundtrack
Release Date Mar 25, 2005
Manufacturer DIGITURBO
Suggested Retail Price ¥2,619
Category CD&DVD
Subcategory SOUNDTRACK

1 x Printed CD Disc + Pamphlet
Tatanakana Illustrated Jacket